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Final Product: Poncho and Slouchy Combo

Good day everyone! I have been hard at work today and I have some photos to share!

Finalized Poncho

Pink Purple Gray Striped Handmade Crochet Poncho
Poncho from Stitched Delights by Angela

I was really sick but when I saw this yarn, I knew what it had to become. I was right! This poncho is stunning and warm. It is the perfect addition for a chilly day.

Poncho Crochet Ribboned 3D Stitch
Ribboned 3D Border

I used this uniquely beautiful ribboned 3D stitch to accent the bottom edge on the poncho. I feel like it really brought the whole pattern together. ♡

Finalized Slouchy

Jamaican Style Purple Gray Pink Slouchy
Matching Poncho Slouchy

This hat came out particularly well. I was originally known for this hat when I first started crocheting. I couldn't make enough of them. I decided to throwback to those days with a twist.

The Jamaican-style slouch is usually netted all in the back and holds your hair. I made this one with the poncho stitching in mind. See the defined striping inside the netting? Just like the poncho!

Slouchy Jamaican-Style Netted and Stripe Stitch
Poncho Stitchwork In The Base

If you did not notice, I also used the ribbing that was featured in yesterday's tutorial. Notice this is much cleaner than the swatch in the video. Practice makes perfect and learn a new ribbing if you haven't seen it yet!

This project helped me maintain my sanity and stay calm when I felt at my worst. I am grateful to share this with you.

Craft on friends!

Angela of Stitched Delights by Angela LLC

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