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Coming Soon: Crochet Tutorials

Soon I will be launching tutorials on this blog to help beginners learn a little about the art of crochet.

Stay tuned to learn new stitches, chains, basic patterns, tips and tricks of the trade, and so much more!

I picked up my camera tripod today, so I just need to get everything organized and prepped for my first video. I'm looking forward to sharing my love of the craft with all of you as I am truly a proud supporter of lifting people up, not dragging them down.

If there is one thing to be said about the crafting community, we really do lift each other up!

I'm possibly going to start offering lessons locally and I did not want to leave out my virtual friends as well. It is a huge leap for my business and I am excited to take it!

My health is still a struggle but I am getting used to adjusting for how I feel. I am hoping this route will allow me a new avenue to reach out without over taxing myself when it comes to physical symptoms.

I'm currently considering making my videos website exclusive. They will only be here, in my blog. I am hoping that will bring in more of your eyes to what I have to offer here as well as on my socials.

Have a great night friends and craft on!

Angela of Stitched Delights by Angela LLC

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