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When You Might Be Running On Fumes... Improvise!

Things have been a little crazy the last few days and I have been doing my best, which did not include updates. Oops! Life is well but a resurgance of pain took me out for the count. I ended up latched to a heating pad and laying down a lot.

So, when life gets a little rough just improvise.

I wanted to take a moment for an update. I am still strapped to my heating pad but a little more functional. I had no pre-planned post, so you get a note from me.

Plowing along toward education.

I've kept up on my school work and I have been doing what I can to keep my grades up. I'm in week 2 of environmental science and it is very unexciting compared to the required business coarse. Actual business content draws me in. Environmental science makes me want to take a nap. I suppose the same can be said for anything you find no interest in, though.

Business is taking its sweet time.

Like I mentioned, I've been missing in action. Things are a little undone. No deadlines have passed, just undone. I need to motivate and get back on track. It is amazing how pain can stop you when you need to go!

Life is good. Life is grand. Sometimes life just pokes you in the eye.

Or, something to that effect. Thank you all for stopping by. Until next post.

Angela, Owner of Angela J Shupe Freelance Services LLC

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