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Today Feels Like A Coffee And Crochet Day

I wont lie to you but sometimes I just need a hook, yarn, and a cup of coffee. That day is today. I love working on my charity projects and I find it relaxing. When the world gets to be too much, this is what I do.

My reach is growing.

I've been getting questions about my charity work and my business lately. Do you know what this means? My reach is growing. People are taking notice of me and what I do. With some persistance on my part, it will help my company become what I want it to be in time. Successful.

But what are my business goals?

They are quite simple. I love doing virtual assistant work. At some point I would like to hire contractors to take on some of my workload so they can learn about business, leave my company, and successfully launch their own business. I want to help others build their own success, not just rely on a company to need them. I want to help others realize their potential.

Someone took notice of my potential a long time ago and sometimes just one person believing in you is enough to help you believe in yourself.

So, today is about my craft and my coffee.

I'm going to sit here and enjoy my growing success while investigating it with curiosity. The new lessons and paths I am taking deserve some pause to enjoy.

Angela, Owner of Angela J Shupe Freelance Services LLC

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