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Taking A Day Off: Out Of The Office, Into The Car

I decided I needed a day off (from everything but posting here, of course), and it resulted in me doing some light work anyway. It is a disease. That itch to do just one more little task is like a rash that spreads until you are a workaholic without any sanity left to spare. Are you guilty too?

As a matter of fact, a small site called Score notes some statistics they found around the web on this very topic. How about the fact 39% of business owners put in 60-hour weeks? Could it also be the 40% of owners who are trying to avoid burnout? Where do you sit?

I'm riding high on the long week, a potential burnout train.

That is why I was taking today off. I was going to crochet, do some chores around the house, make a nice meal, and just be grateful for flexibility.

Then I opened my email.

Maybe you have no clue what I am talking about. You don't take a day off.

If that is the case, you probably sit within the 4% who see no hurdles in entrepreneurship. I applaud you for that. You are so in control of your mental health and time management, you just live for the work and work to live. That 4% of you will probably do things I could not imagine.

The other 96% of you reading this, take my advice. Go enjoy a day off and remember that the only person cracking the whip is you!


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