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Remembering How To Pitch A Project

Today, I had a moment give me pause. I was nervous, excited, conflicted. It asked for potential guest bloggers to pitch their story idea on a specific topic. It is a topic I know well...

... Wait. How do you write an attention-grabbing email pitch again?

Everyone, I just finished Business Communications with an A- but I thought I forgot how to pitch a business idea all the same.

I shook off those nerves, dropped a quick DM to the requestor (as she posted the request on social media) to thank her for sharing such a valuable opportunity on an important topic, and I was off to my email to quickly formulate my pitch for the post. I proofread my email for continuity, clarity, and grammar. I added my resume for background on myself. I even asked for a chance at future opportunities as her website covers a topic I care about.

I brushed off the rust reasonably well but now what?

Now I wait. Who knows if my pitch will be effective or influential. What I do know is that I did my best, especially since this was my first writing pitch in a long time. All my pitches and emails were assistance based since I relaunched and licensed my business.

The moral is to just try. Even if I can ace communications, it does not mean my communications will be perfect in the real world. It takes time, practice, and a little confidence. Yours will too.

Angela, Owner of Angela J Shupe Freelance Services LLC

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