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Pre-Work Week Planning

I am notorious for planning ahead. I love diving into the details and figuring out what needs worked on, when, and how. Whether it is figuring out what course work needs attention on certain days to how I am going to use my down-work time.

I will plan out my networking for the week in chunks. Should I tackle interacting and promoting early in the day or later on? What are the class assignment due dates and when will they fit best into my schedule? All this planning leaves me feeling in control.

Control your weekly goals and do not let them control you!

The best part of planning ahead is allowing yourself wiggle room and downtime. You can block out more than one slot in case it takes more effort or you simply want the extra time for effort in a specific area. You control what needs done. It does not control you.

Planning maximizes your time and efforts.

Seriously, it does. You know what is going on and how to make it work. Creating time slots maximizes your planning and avoids the need to plan your day on your toes. I'm always more organized and prepared if I know what to expect from my day.

Surprises are ok.

I do not over book my day. Sometimes life happens and I do my best to not over book my days. If something happens Tuesday, I can add to my timeblocks on Wednesday for some control over the hiccup in my schedule. After all, it is impossible to avoid changes to a day. You need some flexibility to make it work without added stress.

Have fun and relax when you can.

I know what I need to feel on track and relaxed. Only you know what you need. I make time for my love of crochet. Before my day starts, I have an hour of crafting planned so I am at my best and in the best mindset when I get started. When I need to unwind, I have that scheduled out as well. Don't forget your self-care in each day. You are important too.

Plan ahead and plan flexibility.

You've got this. It takes practice but you'll have the art of planning down in no time. I feel lost if I don't. I'm more efficient now than I ever was before.

What does your schedule look like?

Angela, Owner of Angela J Shupe Freelance Services LLC

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