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Personal Business Professional Or Axe The Personal?

Over the past week I have considered this topic a lot: Business Professional or Personal Business Professional.

What is the difference exactly?

Just in case it is not glaringly obvious, I talk about personal endeavors and goals all the time. When I write a professional-style post, it feels out of context for my real content. My real content digs into what is really me. I want a window into who I am so my genuine credibility can shine back at you. I live what I write! Who doesn't want to work closely with someone who is real and honest?

However, my skillset sells me, too.

For the foreseeable future, you'll find the personal business professional here, on my blog. All skillset material will go solely into my portfolio.

It matters to me that you get to know the woman, not just my work. I'm selling myself, not just what I can do. So, please, follow along as I share the amazing things I do and live each day. Get to know me because I am not an advertisement. I am a human who cares about many things and my credibility as that human only makes me more of an asset in business.

More to come as I hash out my self and my business goals in the coming days.

Angela, Owner of Angela J Shupe Freelance Services LLC


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