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Paying Into Your Community

Today is a new day, and I sit here working on a NICU blanket I plan to donate to C. S. Mott Children's hospital at U of M. While working on it, it sparked a thought, "How do others pay back into their community?"

Donating is good business.

No, really. Businesses tend to forget that their community often keeps them going. Their customer base keep that wheel greased. When you have the means, there are a ton of financial benefits to paying it forward.

As a matter of fact, the community they support by sponsoring a children's team or donating to the local food pantry tend to receive more business because people like companies that do good for those around them!

Here are some personal benefits I have received from my own donation endeavors:

  1. People will reach out to me for gigs/products simply because they know of my work through my endeavors.

  2. I become more memorable just because of the little things I do.

  3. Sometimes you receive bits of gratitude from those you touch.

  4. On occasion someone will purchase one of my products or a service just because they know they are feeding back into a system that cares.

  5. It simply feels good as a human to do good things.

It feels good to do good things?

Yes, it really does. I have been a crafter for nearly 20 years of my life. It has been common for me to make newborn hats for my local hospital or draft a professional letter for someone seeking help from an organization. All I receive from those charitable endeavors is the knowledge I did something for the good of someone else.

As a fiber artist in hobby, I do use that skill set to give back. Soon I will be publishing a complete piece on the benefits of paying it forward in business to my portfolio, stay tuned. In the meantime...

Do you donate? How has it helped you?

If you are interested in my services, please reach out by chat or email to discuss your needs. I look forward to working with you on future endeavors!

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