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Online Vs In Person Class

I've had my fair share of questions about why I chose the online classroom experience over a local, in person community college. Cost is a major factor behind their questions. I believe all sides have their benefits and downfalls. So, I am taking a moment to share and explain my reasoning.

Online schools can cost more.

Yes, they can. I go to the University of Phoenix and it costs quite a bit more than my local community college. As a matter of fact, UoPx is actually for profit, which usually comes with higher costs for that reason.

This is where I had to weigh my personal pros and cons to make the big decision.

I have a great deal of social anxiety.

In a room full of people, I would be more focused on the crowding than the content of the class. If I am already overwhelmed by people, how can I learn?

Online tends to work on your schedule, not theirs.

I have my fair share of doctor appointments to work around. Plus my client work requires me to be available at certain times. UoPx lets me do my class work on my own schedule within reason. I don't need to worry if class will interact with appointments.

I already started my degree at UoPx and wanted to finish it there.

Not only was it good for my anxiety and schedule, but I already started my degree with them. Why not finish there? It was a major point for me that mattered.

What are your educational goals?

Don't be afraid to make decisions about school based on your own needs. I'm grateful I did.

Angela, Owner of Angela J Shupe Freelance Services LLC

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