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Oh Goodness, I Did It!

You are currently reading the blog of Angela J Shupe Freelance Services LLC and I could not be more proud!

Before 6am this morning, I filled out all the paperwork for the state. I used LegalZoom to collect the information, paid the state filing fee, and submitted it. Around 10:30am I was alerted that it was official. I am now a state recognized company. After a little more work, I have my federal EID number now too.

It is done. It is official. We are in business!

This is a dream I have had since I was 17 years old. I never thought I would get there. It only took 21 years!

Never say never.

Thank you all for your patience this week as I have been busy with school and backend work, building my business to this moment.

My goal is to someday help people with their own struggles get a start and realize their own dreams by offering job skills and advice. Everyone needs a place to get started. As for today, I am using my job skills to better myself and build this company to the point that I can do those things.






I'm so proud of myself.

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