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Mental Health Matters, And So Do You

I'm having a hard time motivating myself today. It is simply a rough, emotional day in the house and I suspect I need more than a handful of hours to sleep. That weighs heavily on me and happens to be the exact reason why I am writing what I write now.

Get a grip! Your mental health matters!

People who work for themselves tend to be harder on themselves than they should. They also happen to forget how important it is to be objective. If you are in the middle of a mental health necessity, not only do you understand it more than anyone else but you may actually believe you should just "get over it" and forget to just be kind to yourself instead.

Be Kind, Rewind!

Darn it, I am not kidding. Be kind. Take an extra moment to breathe. Look at a pretty picture. Really hear your favorite song and absorb the words. Start working on a hat that someone decided to pay you to make (Oh sorry, that is just me!), and most importantly, do it often.

Regular mental health respites can actually help you keep your mental health in check. Whether it is anxiety or depression, that mini break can give you focus while you handle necessary tasks. It is the pot of gold at the end of your rainbow. I know some days the thought of sitting with loved ones while crocheting after I am done with my day keeps me focused. Like now. I'd much rather turn my hours of sleep into more than half a handful but I write to you, dear reader, because it is my work and that nap will come after my projects are complete.

Maintain healthy patterns and routines so the harder stuff feels less, well, hard.

As a matter of fact, I have a morning routine. It keeps me on track when days feel a little more heavy. The routine motivates me and tells me I can conquer the world by freelancing with one client at a time. It also tells me that I have a moment of calm coming as soon as I finish that last project. Those are some mental health goals but also productive ones.

I leave you with a simple question...

What mental health respites keep you moving forward through a hard day?
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