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Mental Health In Business

Often left in silence by business professionals, mental health is extremely important. So many push themselves to the breaking point, yet no one talks about it. Business professionals are left looking like cold, hard forces of nature. Not soft or struggling. That is very wrong.

Today we shall discuss that struggle.

I have struggles. I am not above humanity. My biggest struggles are anxiety and depression. My anxiety can be crippling at times. My depression makes me want to stop trying for what matters to me in life. It all tells me I will not be successful...

It couldn't be more wrong!

I suspect people don't realize that the hard business exterior is actually a shell around that struggle. Everyone has created a protective wall around something inside them at some point and use it to repel all that could hurt. Professionals are no different. Whether it is a hidden anxiety, depression, or a mental disability that would otherwise hinder their success, that hard exterior helps us maintain our success.

You are not alone.

Being open about my struggle has always been a passion for me. I'm honest and open because too many professionals are not. When I entered the business world, I felt alone. I want aspiring entrepreneurs to know they are not.

So, tell me, what hurdles did you jump for success?

Angela, Owner of Angela J Shupe Freelance Services LLC

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