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It's All About Those Testimonials...

Am I the only one who can hear the song, "It's all about that bass," playing in their head when you read that title? I hope that gave you a little morning smile.

Yesterday I did a lot of back-end work for my business. Mostly, I was working on finding new clients and listing my services for purchase. After all, no sales = no business. In my attempt to find some ways to validate my experience, I reached out to my first and longest business contact for a testimonial.

I hadn't reached out to him in a few years, so I was a little nervous about asking a favor. Thankfully, he did not mind. While I will be creating a testimonial page on my site (they are being posted on the front page of my app for viewing as well, and it is already listed), I still want to share with you a peek into why he is so valuable.

You just cannot discount the value of a good testimonial to your business's success.

"I cannot stress enough the profound trust and respect I have for Angela and the quality of her work. In fact, when discussing testimonials, I confidently told her she could pen her own accolades and I'd gladly sign off on them. That's the level of faith I have in her expertise and character.” -Dane Carlson, former CEO of Business Opportunities Inc.

Testimonials are invaluable to business success.

This brings me to the core of my post this morning. Testimonials show new clients just how much value you have and what you can do. As a matter of fact, when I ran my original freelance business, I would offer slight discounts on my services for a good testimonial that I could share. Connecting this topic with yesterday's post, I can actually say I have done one-on-one charitable services for a simple word-of-mouth referral or a testimonial. It would help my connection with a bind they were in, and I would have someone to help share my work quality with others who would become paid clients.

What have you done to help spread the word and retain some testimonials on your service? Tell us more in the comments!

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