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How Do You Interview?

As I prep for a small interview for a volunteer opportunity under the umbrella of my business, it caused me to give pause on the topic. How do others interview?

How do others manage their interview process?

In most cases, I have always interviewed well. I am myself, I prepare in advance, and I use my light humor to make the experience better for all participants.

I will research the opportunity and the company I am speaking with or about. I want to know more. It also allows for targeted, informed questions when in the moment. It shows I care.

I am myself because I believe enough in the credibility of my core character, I don't have anything to hide.

Not all interviews are A+.

I have had interviews that flopped for many reasons. One job said I didnt have enough outward personality (it is actually what I am known for in customer service), and many more where my personality was just a poor fit for the company atmosphere. It happens.

Don't take rejection as a rejection of you.

I just wanted to add that here. Sometimes a poor fit is simply that. It says nothing about who you are. It is simply whether or not you pair well together, like a fine wine. You are still fine either way.

Learn from each interview.

If you take each moment in life as a lesson for growth, it will help you round out your interviewing persona.

Angela, Owner of Angela J Shupe Freelance Services LLC

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