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Finding Peace of Mind

Welcome to the beginning of the work week. As I get set to start working on my next portfolio piece, I have been thinking about peace of mind. Mostly, I have been thinking about the startup process and finding that balance between working on my freelance services.

Anyone who runs a business knows what I am talking about. Especially if they run their business from home. Do you struggle with finding your own peace of mind?

Setting a routine is key.

Yep, routine. I have a morning routine before I start working for the day. As someone who relies on that feeling you get when you know you are prepared for the day, I have a strict routine to keep me on track.

My morning starts with exactly 1 hour set aside to work on my existing crochet project. It is something that makes me happy and feels relaxing. By starting out my day feeling calm, the rest of my day is much more manageable.

Create your own workspace and relaxation space, then keep them separate!

I am not kidding. I am sitting now at my self-made workstation writing this post. Why? Because this is where work keeps my focus. The moment I am done working and need to relax again, my routine tells me to walk away from there and sit somewhere comfortable with my favorite craft.

By physically keeping the two separated, I set aside work stress and enter a zone where I am able to be present with my family, my friends, and my life outside the grind.

I am a much happier person when I am at peace. Work stress needs to stay at work, even when you work for yourself.

How do you find your peace of mind?
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