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Do-Gooders Doing Good At Being Good

I love charity. I love to help and make the world just a little bit better by being here, ya know? It is important to me and, at the core, why I love business so much.

Erm, what...?

No, really. I can do more as a business than I can as an individual. Businesses have influence on the world. They are strategic, thought out, driven, and powerful. They can make or break a single life or change the world.

I am not a charitable organization by no means but I am motivated to make needs get noticed using any pull I have. That is why I am motivated to create a sub page on my site just to share the charitable things we do. I want you to see the impact that can be made, one person at a time. I want you to know that we care and do our part.

I call my charitable side Hobo Hats. It is not trademarked by no means, but I crochet hats for various needs. I make newborn hats for my local hospital to gift to new parents. I make NICU blankets that I hope to donate to C. S. Mott here in Michigan for the littlest newborns. I make beanies for those fighting cancer and hope to donate to my local cancer center as soon as I have a good stock. I even recently spoke to the Eby Center here in Coldwater about gifting some beanies this winter to the needy and homeless in my community.

I love doing this work. I craft in my downtime to relax. It just feels good knowing those things can be used with purpose.

For a year, I donated my time to the county Humane Society where I live. Nothing felt better than helping animals while they waited for their furever home.

Doing good feels good. Charitable work always gave me a sense of purpose, too. It is one of my favorite hobbies. I believe I can change the world by changing the world for one person.

Do you do any charity work? What does it do for you?

Angela, Owner of Angela J Shupe Freelance Services LLC

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