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Building A Freelance Resume

Yesterday I had to do a little work to build myself a freelance-friendly resume for submission to potential clients. Essentially, this whole website is my portfolio of work and contracting services. I get that. However, I needed to sum up some of my information into a sheet that I could submit digitally to potential clients. That is exactly what I did.

Professional Freelancer Resume
Angela Shupe Freelance Services

Feel free to scan the photo version for a moment. I will wait.

Creating an accurate freelancer resume can be a little... tough.

Due to the shortage of clients I have had, especially since most of them are over 10 years old and only one could give me a direct testimonial for my website, I tried to lump my current experience under one header. I am not a fan. As I gather new clients, I will divide my clients into different experiences under the same company heading as an entrepreneur. Right now, I just wanted to show I have some qualifications.

Creating a better resume than my previous was refreshing and frustrating. So, please, if you have tips as to how you built yours - I am listening!

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