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A Jumpstart On Production

I woke up from a dead sleep wide awake, so I took that to mean I should get a jumpstart on crocheting this morning. It is the most peaceful time to be awake where I live. I use this time to relax and be productive.

What time of day do you enjoy getting stuff done?

Today I have to list a baby set I made. That is to come later today. In the meantime, you should check out our blue and silver wrap that is currently listed on our products page and available on PayPal.

The last few days have been amazing as the support on and offline has been immense. We are getting noticed and appreciated. I am hoping to build a steady inventory list in the coming month for all of you to choose from.

I feel like I am in my element as we grow to give you purchase options.

While I take advantage of this quiet crochet time, I will definitely be reflecting on all the inspiration I have received. Great things are to come for us. I can feel it.

Angela of Stitched Delights by Angela LLC

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