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Donating time and money can help your business generate sales.

When was the last time your business gave back to your community? Even a global charity?

Let that sink in for a minute because you may be missing out on a real opportunity to make more sales for your company.

Charitable donations are a great way to help those in need, support a local children’s team, or simply pay a little kindness forward to support the community that helps support you.

For many years, as a business and as an individual, I have found multiple ways to give back a little something into this world. Doing some good makes me feel good, and I don’t think I would ever stop. I know what it is like to be in need of help. I also know how much a little kindness can impact the receiver. You do not need to do it alone, either.

Nonprofit Source is a welcome list of statistics on this very topic. For example, I learned that approximately $5 billion was raised through workplace donations. Half of that came from employee programs where they matched each gift. That is not all, 39% of companies plan to expand their workplace giving programs and do more for the people they help!

Companies are giving back with the help of their employees!

You don’t need to be a large company to give back, either. As I noted before, I am a single woman who gives back to her community. I crochet and knit. It is my favorite pastime and it helps me relax after a hard day. Where do my creations go? They go to the hospital for newborns or they go to the cancer center for people going through chemotherapy. I have received face-to-face gratitude and I have received cards in the mail telling me how much they appreciate the time I spent on gifts for their patients.

I give to give, I spread the word to promote positivity and increase gifting.

Now, how will this help you? Easy. Giving from a genuine part of yourself creates more positivity around you. Those recipients will want to know more about you, what you do, and it may simply generate positive word of mouth about your business. It is advertising while giving back.

Still not convinced? I have one more example for you.

One day, while I was down on my luck, a man was walking into the doctor’s office when he spotted me. He stopped to talk to me for a moment before giving me an origami swan from his bag. We said our goodbyes, and he walked in for his appointment.

This seems like a simple gesture, but it is not. It was earth-shattering for me. This man cared enough to say a few kind words and gift me a little piece of his time. The origami swan was adorable. Written on it were a few kind words and his name. That was it.

This man did not give money, he gave time and kindness. I never forgot him. You can make that impact with your business.

Giving through your business can be easy, especially if you relate your charitable donations to the type of company you run. It can generate foot traffic, clicks, and loyal customers who believe in you because you believe in helping the world around you.

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August 2023

The Business Of Giving Back

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