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Fear of launching your business is real but let it drive you not stop you.

Anyone who has started a business from the ground up is probably well aware of what it takes to get started. The actual act of getting started is a business all its own. I have a tendency to call it the business of starting a business. It is the aspect of business that costs without return. Where you make money is after all that work is done. The goal is for a return on investment that shows in the green.

Getting a business started may also be the hurdle you have to jump if you suffer from the failure to launch gene.

For some, getting started is exciting and it is safe compared to actually launching and making sales. While you are still building up, you have hopes and dreams to keep you company. You don’t have to face reality yet.

Reality is not fun.

What if all this work does not generate the return you hoped for? What if you put in all this effort to be hundreds or thousands in debt? What if…

I want you to know that is ok. It is natural to feel that way. What you want to do is make sure you do not overdo the time spent in prep and launch once everything is ready to go. Do not make excuses.

Failure to launch? But I put in all this work…

Yes, you did, but if you keep telling yourself that this work needs to be fine-tuned before launch or needs constant revision, you will never launch. You will be a failure and your own roadblock to potential success.

Just because I say it is a problem does not make it a fact.

Alright, my word doesn’t need to be the deciding factor. However, Inc. even reported on entrepreneurial mental health and those stats were not very promising. They state that 75% of entrepreneurs have their own concerns about their mental health. Are you one of them?

As a matter of fact, they go on to tell us that 56% actually have been diagnosed with some form of anxiety or depression. Don’t forget the other stress-related issues that come along with being a business owner. They are included in those stats. As a matter of fact, a lot of those issues are related to going into business alone.

So, what exactly can you do about it?
Do not overthink the process. If the fear of launching is too stressful, consider hiring a professional in various areas to manage them while you hammer out the big issues, like finding customers of your own. Need website content or SEO help? There are plenty of writers in that exact market. We know our way around SEO, SEO content, and building the information you need for your customer base.

A virtual assistant can manage the menial tasks while you focus on the big things that will bring you money. It can relieve some of the anxiety and stress while allowing you to focus on what you really need: the return on investment.

I have my own personal experience.

Feeling alone is tough, so I want to take a moment to tell you why you are not. I speak for myself.

Over the past 11 years, I have considered relaunching this business. I didn’t do it sooner because I was afraid. I was afraid I would not be successful. I was afraid my previous experience was a fluke.

Then I woke up.

I had a health scare that involved being hooked up to a crash cart at my local emergency room. They had to slow down my heart and were on standby just in case my heart stopped. That scared me into doing something different with my life.

I spent the last 11 years being a failure to relaunch. I am no longer a failure. I jumped that hurdle and took a chance.

I relate to those fears deeply but I am here to tell you that you should not fail from fear. You should succeed from fear. Let it drive you instead.



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August 2023

Getting Started In Business: Failure To Launch

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