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Hobo Hats Donations

I've extended what I have done as an individual for years to include the entirety of Angela J Shupe Freelance Services LLC. I want to bring some attention to the good that comes from donating your time and your skills. As the owner and an altruistic soul, I donate my time and materials to make crocheted goods for those in need. I have listed our charitable endeavors below with information on how you can help too! Check our blog page for updates along the way.



Promedica Coldwater Regional Hospital/OB Ward

We make newborn hats and donate them to the hospital to share with newborns brought into the world in our community. They accept crocheted or knitted hats in varying newborn sizes. If you are interested in helping, you can visit the Ways to Give page on their website or stop in and talk to reception about the things they need and how you can help.


Promedica Coldwater Regional Hospital/Cancer Center

Through the same local hospital, I have been making a collection of hats to donate to our local cancer center for patients who are fighting their own battles. You can learn more about how to help through the same Ways to Give link as I shared before, or stop into the cancer center directly and see what needs they may have. I've been told in the past that they also take quilts or knit/crochet blankets as Chemo can cause their patients to feel very cold. I've only been able to donate once before but I have a collection to drop off as soon as I have enough product built up.



C. S. Mott Children's Hospital

A relatively new addition to our hooks, C. S. Mott is a children's hospital located in Michigan. My goal is to donate as many NICU blankets as possible for the smallest of newborns who cannot regulate their body temperatures. I may also be making some childrens' hats for those fighting cancer through the same gifting program. Their Giving page lists where and how to donate.


Eby Center/Winter Program

Our most recent addition is the Eby Center located in Coldwater, Michigan. I wanted a way for us to help the community stay warm this winter. They have a winter goods program that allows the community to come and get the things they need. They have their Coats for Kids program, of course, but they also help the homeless by offering warming/cooling centers at different times of the year. This winter I will be making a variety of beanies just for this program to further my goal of helping those in need with a simple crocheted hat. Please visit their website to learn more about them and their goals to help our community.

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