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My name is Angela. It is nice to meet you! Thank you for coming by my portfolio to learn more about me and my services.

I have been self-employed for approximately 8 of the past 15 years I have been working. I was a freelance writer and virtual assistant for approximately 6 years, a small craft seller on Etsy for about a year, and I worked in at-home contract customer service for another year.

If there are two things I know I do well, it is putting together a sentence and how to talk to people. That is what always brings me back to freelancing.

Under plans & pricing, you will see that I offer short term contract jobs and longer term options. If you have any questions, please "Get in Touch" at the bottom of this page to discuss what I can do for you and your business. Whether you need someone to help manage the workload or just write a few 500-word articles to post online under your own alias. I look forward to hearing from you soon!

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